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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Intelligent Whores

Intelligent Whores
You know, it’s really hard to be smart and a whore at the same time. It’s like living two completely separate lifestyles at exactly the same time. During the day I am intelligent and aspiring and at night I’m a sultry tramp that doesn’t ask any big questions. I mean, common! Who really wants a girlfriend that is smarter than them, it’s emasculating! Right? Let me tell you what is emasculating! I can explain to you with various levels of language why due to a large cosmic joke and evolution the male species is doomed to fail and how even my body’s recognition of your ‘man hormones’ makes no difference to my evolutionary and far more superior sexual organs. Do you know that the clitoris is self created?
The female body realized that it was getting the ‘short end of the stick’ so to say and hence the ground breaking, earth shattering orgasmic world of the female climax! Yeah!
Anyway that’s not the point. The point is that it seems impossible in today’s current society to please everyone’s idea of what it means to be a woman. It seems ludicrous that one must subdue yourself to someone else’s ideal all the time without taking just the briefest moment to discover ones own identity.  I know it sounds crazy, but take a page out of my book. If I am professional then I am too attractive, if I am creative then I am too flashy and let me tell you something! I’m either too old to be Miss PE or simply too young to be a teacher! Now let it be known that at no point in any of this is there a space of time where I am actually asked what my capabilities are. That does not seem to matter but what is important is that I am a young attractive woman and if I have managed to accomplish this, then I have nothing further waiting for me. Right?
Needless to say, I’m slightly pissed! I was actually recently told that I am simply too attractive to be a teacher because I am distracting my students.  I was like….. Excuse me? I do have a triple major degree in Philosophy, English and Culture and I can promise you that I am not stupid and that I am actually a very talented teacher. But it seems that apart from bitchy magazine articles about the difficulties of being a woman in trashy woman’s magazines, I am doomed to become just another jaded feminista.

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